Monday, July 5, 2010


I signed up to sooz's usefulness swap, and my swap parcels arrived this week - it's always exciting to get a parcel, but a parcel filled with hand-made goodness is something else.

There's something a bit anxiety-provoking about a swap. There's the will I/won't I get it finished anxiety. But worse is the performance anxiety. Have I put enough work into this? Can you tell it took me hours or does it just look slapped together? What if the stuff I get back is better/has more work put into it than my stuff?).

And yes, (sorry sooz), I submitted late (well, after the friday deadline but before monday's mail, as luckily sooz lives nearby. So technically still late). That's one of my potholders - I didn't even get a chance to take photos of anything else.

But it all worked out and I got some gorgeous stuff back, including a gorgeous bookmark from Nikki, a sweet gift pouch from Kym (great idea!), a empty wheatbag from Ellen (ditto great idea), an appliqued bag from Mands and a lovely soft cotton washcloth from Dee. I hope my contributions cut the mustard...

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  1. Oooh, I think your potholders were lovely :-) I didn't get one of those, but I did enjoy the swap, and I totally get the performance anxiety too!


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