Thursday, January 14, 2010

look what I found

just had to show you these - still in the box!
they are in the cupboard at my Nan's - I think they belonged to her mother, my great-grandmother.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

flinders street, platform 4, 8pm

snapped this into the sun this evening. Love the sun bouncing off the metal tracks...

Monday, January 4, 2010

soldier on...

an ugly accident with a saw on Dec 23rd (last minute hurry making chrissie presents - not recommended!). Seven stitches later and christmas 2009 meant no swimming, awkward showers with a plastic bag and no crafting (but hey, I also escaped doing the washing up, so there are benefits!).
Back into it now, stitches are out (DIY - I'm quite proud of myself!) and back to the crochet - this one will be a cushion cover. It's time to resign myself to the fact that I don't have the patience for afghans.

craft is all around

At christmas at my Nan's this year, I tried to appreciate all the handmade things that have just always been there. The amazingly intricate cross stitch tablecloth that comes out on special occasions and which my Nan & Pa received for their engagement. The crochet rugs that were made by my great grandmother - that yellow, black and red one has been on that green sofa in the 'good room' (more commonly known as the 'big loungeroom') for as long as I can remember. There are photos of my brother as a baby on that sofa, with that rug draped over it.
My Nan lives in country Victoria, in the house her mother lived in before her. My uncle & aunty run the farm which my grandparents ran before them. This is just normal to me - but when you stop and think about it, it is significant.

Nan's house is big, and old. There are four bedrooms, three living rooms and two bathrooms. There are five doors to outside, but no-one uses the front door. Nan has two fridges and a chest freezer (the 'deep freeze') - they must cost her a fortune in electricity, but where would all the food go at christmas? Until about 5 years ago she still used a wringer washing machine. The garden isn't as green as it used to be, what with the drought and the water restrictions, but Nan carts buckets around to water her pot plants.

At christmas we had about 20 this year. When everyone is home there are 28 of us, but that's a rare event. There's always someone overseas, or having christmas with their partner's family.

One day things will be different, but for now, I can't imagine it any other way.
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