Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cheeky Monkey

This little man is currently stuffed into an Australia Post tough bag and on his way to California to join the other Craft Hope sock monkeys going to the Little Heroes Preschool burn camp kids. I really didn't mean for him to look like a criminal - it just happened, I swear!

Actually, I stuffed up (as per usual) when trying to put the safety eyes in and made a big hole in the sock. Hence the felt patching and the replacement felt eyes. Then he was just crying out for the grey jumper. Here he is on the job:

I hope someone takes a liking to him!

My creative space

My creative space this week comes from RMIT Brunswick campus, the arts & design campus of RMIT university...

photos originally uploaded by RMIT university

No, I don't study here (or work here) but courtesy of my casual work at the city campus I can borrow from the library here. And there's nothing like a library full of design books to distract me from actually creating something myself...

Hey - it's called research. And I was MIA for about two hours the other night, in my sweaty bike clothes and with my cycling gloves still on, sitting on the floor sandwiched between the tall metal shelves. Heaven.

You can find more creative spaces over here.
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