Thursday, April 29, 2010

My creative space: can't...get...ahead

Woken by the garbage truck and realized we hadn't put our bins out. Again.
A mad dash down the stairs, a quick check to see if they'd gone past our house yet. No. Hurrah!
Quick, back to the courtyard, move those bins, quick, quick. Half asleep.
Bins tangled in hose. Try to move it and it snaps off the tap. Water gushing everywhere.
Down the lane, bumpy, noisy ride over the cobblestones. Waking the neighbours. I tense my jaw as if that will make it quieter (why do I always do that?).
On the kerb. Success!
Should be happy but instead I'm just crabby I missed that extra hour in bed!
Stayed up too late watching 27 Dresses on TV. And making this little save the date postcard for our wedding (we visited the venue on the weekend and I took this pic)...
...and hence I wasn't doing all the jobs I should be doing. Like trying to work out where all my socks have disappeared to! They must be somewhere.

Rode to work in odd socks (which if I am completely honest I have probably been doing for the past 6 months). But this was the first day I'd ridden in odd gloves as well. I think that might be a bad sign.

Hanging out for a weekend at home to get on top of it all. Hopefully by the time I get to Brown Owls on Sunday I'll be a domestic goddess. But somehow I doubt it.

To see some true crafters, head on over to Kirsty's.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy birthday SF

Again, I'm a bit behind - admittedly the gift was late, but not as late as others (and that's not even mentioning those still in progress - eek!). But I had to wait until it was safely received before I could show you:

It's made from lovely fine Empire 4 ply merino from Morris & Sons, who have been in their Melbourne store now for about a year. Great friendly staff work there and they are always interested in whatever project you have on the go. I have managed to go in there without spending money, but not often.

Anyhow, my gorgeous and talented writer friend is the recipient of this cushion. She has a burgeoning writing career, even being published in the Age newspaper last week! Check out her blog here. Happy birthday Sare!
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