Wrapped in love: a journey through (guerilla) knitting

Can you knit or crochet?
or more importantly, would you like to learn so that you can help craft our wedding and contribute to a great community art project in Swan Hill, Victoria?

If so, we would love your participation in our guerilla knitting project, called Wrapped in Love!
We are getting married under a tree by the Murray River, which we’ll be covering with knitting and crochet, made by YOU!

If you’re curious, read on!  We look forward to seeing your creations and incorporating them into our wedding day, on October 2, 2010. 
Nycole & Craig xx

What is guerilla knitting anyway?
Guerilla knitting (also known as yarn bombing) is an underground movement of knitters and crafters who leave knitted ‘tags’. In the past few years, yarn bombs, have been ‘dropped’ all over the world, making the world a more bright and cosy place, one stitch at a time!

image credits: mollygoatwax.typepad.com, thesun.co.uk, envimagazine.files.wordpress.com/

Why a guerilla knitting wedding project?
- because knitting and crochet is fun!
- so we can create something big & beautiful from the efforts of many
- to celebrate the talents of our wonderful family, friends & community

The ‘Go North’ Arts Festival
is held each October in the Swan Hill Region. The 2010 festival theme is ‘Journey’, and we hope that our guerilla knitting project can be incorporated into the festival. Our marriage will be a continuation of our journey together, lots of people will journey to Swan Hill to be there, and what a journey we will be on in the next few months, knitting and crocheting together!

Sounds great!  What do I need to do?
The theme is white with warm colours - oranges, yellows, pinks or reds

For the trunk, we’ll need pieces that stretch to 150 cm long.
This means the piece should be shorter than that, so that it fits snugly
around the trunk when attached.
The pieces should 25 - 30 cm wide.

For the branches, the pieces should be AT LEAST 70cm long.
Again, they should be 25 - 30 cm wide

Knitted or crocheted flowers or other decorations are also very welcome!

Got any tips?
Fat needles and yarn make your knitting grow faster!
Second hand shops often have yarn and/or needles for sale.
You could even unravel an unwanted jumper and use the yarn.
If you’re a beginner knitter, YouTube has some excellent video tutorials
(especially ‘theknitwitch’)

Got any more inspiration?
See what these amazing guerilla knitters have done:

Questions / comments?
Just comment or email:
1. Guerilla knitting tree at Viva La Gong Festival, Wollongong 2009. Image via www.dneese.blogspot.com
2. Knitted bus, Knitta Please, Mexico City, 2008. Image via www.magdasayeg.com
3. ‘Tank Cozy’ by Danish artist Marianne Jørgensen
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