Monday, March 30, 2009

Two little lambs

I made these cuties over the weekend - my introduction to softie-making. I quite like the way the towelling material looks on the brown one - she looks kinda woolly. The other one is made from a sort of ice-blue fine polarfleece material - very soft - with jungle print limbs. Pattern is from Bit of Whimsy dolls - I think I'll try and design my own next.

Half a scarf

I have been set a 'big fat' challenge by my housemate Bec to finish this before Easter. I started it in the week between Christmas & New Year (I know, not ideal knitting weather in Australia!) when I was on holidays and supporting my dad & his partner in the Murray Marathon canoe/kayak event - 404 km of paddling the Murray over 5 days. There were many hours of waiting by the riverbank for the boat to come past and be topped up with, well, mostly sugar actually, so it was the perfect time to work on interpreting my first lace pattern.

Pattern is from the purl bee - where I have spent many hours drooling over the past year or so. About 30cm of pattern with stocking stitch around the neck. It has given me inspiration to find other lace patterns I like and turn them into similar scarves.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Aren't these gorgeous! I never thought of myself as a succulent-kind-of-girl, until now. Now I just want to make a whole garden of these little critters - they are so cute. And hardy. Which helps, considering I even managed to kill one of my hebes on those hot hot days recently.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brown Owls

It was my first Brown Owls meeting this week. No crafting yet, but it was so lovely to meet so many other crafters - 80 in the one room! Thanks Pip and the gang, I look forward to many tea & craft filled evenings in 2009.

Sydney Rd Street Party!

Today I went down to the Sydney Rd street festival. I pretty much live on Sydney Rd, so there's no excuse not to have a look each year...

As you can see, lots of fun stuff happening!
I also booked a ticket to see Shane Howard at the Brunswick Music Festival. I love Shane's songs, especially those from his 'Songs of Love and Resistance' album songs. So beautifully reflective, understated, and Australian.
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